Friday, 10 August 2007

Come Home To A Real Fire

After spending a relaxing afternoon at the beach yesterday, this was the sight that greeted us 5 minutes after getting back to Caz's house. Despite the heat, the local yobs evidently thought that the temperature needed raising further, and set fire to two garden sheds. They used some petrol or something similar over both sheds to make sure that the job got done properly. The fire was so intense that we could feel the heat from where we took this pic. Although we were worried about how far the fire would spread, we couldn't help laughing at the Wrong 'Uns that live in that house attempting to fight the fire with a garden hose attached to the kitchen tap. It got even funnier when they decided to get closer to the fire and shielded themselves from the heat with an old wooden headboard. No prizes for guessing what happened to that.

Eventually the fire service turned up and put it out with a proper high-pressure hose, much to the obvious delight of all the female spectators. What is it about women and firefighters?

So, just another day in what the locals call Beirut. I'm so glad that I live in an 'inner city' area and not here. At least where I live the only things that tend to go up in flames are stolen cars. You know where you are with car thieves, and never have to worry if your hovermower is gonna make it through the night.

41 days without a fag, looks like I've cracked it this time.
It occurred to me yesterday that since this blog is ostensibly about my (mis)adventures in sculpting, maybe I ought to post the odd pic or at least talk about sculpting. Since there's absolutely no entertainment value in describing pushing a lump of putty into shape, and it would be a pretty dull read, I've resolved to start posting more pics of my efforts on the blog. And let's face it, most of you are here to get a sneak preview of what goodies are gonna be coming your way in the near future, or perhaps just to marvel at just how long I can take over producing a pack of miniatures. Anyway, I'll start posting the odd sculpt that I'm doing for GB, and a few more that I'll be doing just for fun.

Today's offering is a .......Viking! Yup, one for the Beasties, this mad, badass dude has just despatched an enemy and is looking to take out his next victim, no doubt another deserving Saxon dog. Oops, did I say 'Saxon dog'? Looks like I did! Nevermind. Actually, I loved doing this one and was in a real dilemma as to wether or not to put a moustache on him, cos without it he looked the spitting image of James Hetfield of Metallica in his younger days. Really, he did. But in the end I opted for complete hirsuteness, if such a word exists.

So there you have it. A Viking. Killing some Saxon dogs.

I've not got much else to say today, so I guess that just about wraps it up.

Hmm, what to do next? Sculpting or sun, sand and surf? No contest. It's time to hit the beach.

Till next time chaps


PS - Sorry if the quality of the pics are crap, I'll sort it out when I get back home to my own pc.


David said...


Love the viking figure. Was speaking to Darren of GB last week - looking forward to when your vikings are released.

Chris said...

Thanks David, I'm hoping to have them all finished by the end of next week, so watch this space...

Bill T said...

Chris that looks cracking mate. It will paint up a treat! ;o)

Chris said...

Cheers Bill. Let's start a mutual appreciation society ;o)

Bill T said...

I thought we had! :o)

Bill T said...

Anything new to show us????

Tidyfiguremaker said...

Hi Chris,
Just found your blog with a link from Soapy's.

Nice work, I like the Viking, has a nice sense movement, good stuff.

Glad to find another blog to read.


WABit said...

More!! We want more!!



Soapy said...

Is anyone there...?

Woody said...


Woody here (Anglo saxon love god) so I've finally found you. God bless the internet. Glad to see that you're sculpting. Get in touch (