Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Waffle, waffle, waffle

In all honesty, I haven't got anything worthwhile to say today. But I thought that given that I've just returned from my self-imposed exile from the world of blogging (and toy soldiers in general), I thought I would at least attempt to update this blog a little more frequently than every five months, lest my remaining 3 readers give up on it for good.

I started my new job on Tuesday and all is going swimmingly well. In fact it's an absolute doddle. I've worked for approximately 5 and a half hours and already earned more than I did for a 40-hour week in my last job. Super stuff. Not that I want to brag about it, cos I don't, but I had an incredibly black financial year in 2007 and it's great to land on my feet just for once. I'm a very happy bunny, at one with the universe, man.

Nothing doing on the sculpting front so far this week, despite my promises on my last post. I'm just chilling out doing a spot of painting for a change, and it's been wonderfully relaxing, a bit like acupuncture without all the spiky painful bits. Well, it looks bloody painful to me anyway. Oh, did I mention that I hate needles almost as much as vile, heartless arachnids? Rhetorical question really, I know that I've never mentioned it. Hence no tatoos on me, oh no, despite the exhortations of several partners that a tatoo would somehow enhance my appeal. I can't see how it would, but they may have had a point since I'm still single. If I want to look at pictures then I'll hang some on my walls, thankyou very much. Then I can run a full tatoo-simulation with them by smudging them with a green-paint soaked sponge after 25 years, and thus feel very smug
that I saved myself all that pain to achieve exactly the same end result. Viz Top Tip methinks!

How to make friends and influence people...I sometimes feel that I'm turning into my dad.

What else? I've been smoke-free for 7 months and 6 days, and I haven't even replaced my fags with another vice so I'm quite proud of myself for that. I think I'll celebrate with another weekend of binge-drinking to mark the occasion. Aftershocks all round, make mine a double.

More from me when I sober up...

TTFN, take it easy



caz said...

oi oi. wat do you mean your single. WELL YOU ARE NOW. haha. only joking, now get some sculpting done OR ELSE!! ;0)

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