Thursday, 12 July 2007


Day 12 without a fag, and it's not getting any easier. In fact I'm even grumpier than I was on the first day without a smoke and that's saying something. It's not as if I've noticed any real benefits either. Granted, I smell sweeter. But I don't feel any healthier, certainly don't look any better, and the nicotine gum is costing me an effing fortune. On top of that I no longer know what to do with myself while I'm waiting for putty to cure and end up pacing up and down my living room like a demented Polar bear in a zoo. Why am I putting myself through this? Okay, so I may live slightly longer, but then again I could get hit by a bus tomorrow, and then I'll be seriously pissed off that I put myself through 2 weeks of agony for nowt. And what if the damage is already done? I've smoked on and off since I was fifteen so I could be too late anyway. They say that every cigarette is another nail in your coffin. Well, mine must be made of cast-iron by now.

My, what a little ray of sunshine I am today ;o)

My mood hasn't been helped by a couple of sculpting disasters this week. I was working on a figure yesterday that was shaping-up to be my best yet. Boy, it was looking good. But something didn't quite look right. I checked and double-checked all the proportions several times, but somehow scale-creep got in there and it ended up taller and thinner than it was supposed to be. So I shaved his shoulders, took a bit out of his neck and bulked him out a bit - the little bugger was far too slender to survive on a battlefield. I sat up till the wee hours and gave him a coat of mail, then went to bed feeling slightly vexed at the lost time but ultimately happy that I'd got it sorted. Then I got up today and had another look at my handiwork. The mail loked crap and worst of all, his head was way too small. Bugger bugger bugger bugger. So I cut it all off and am now working on it for the second time around. What gets me is that these things keep on happening. I always get there in the end but it takes way too long and gets a little demoralising at times. Ah well, practice makes perfect, every journey starts with the first step, Rome wasn't built in a day and other such bollocks....

Hey! It's just occurred to me that things ain't so bad after all! I mean, I'm learning to sculpt Humans, but I've got Humanoids down to a tee. Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree and ought to re-direct my efforts at the sci-fi/fantasy market when they go pear-shaped. That way I can knock out any old pile of pants that was supposed to resemble some vikings, call them something like 'Blood Guardians of Zoggoth' or some such nonsense, and flog them by the shed-load to spotty RPG playing students. I can see it now..... "My Blood Guardian gets D20 attacks due to his indeterminate number of arms and eyes on the sides of his head." Ker-ching!

Elsewhere, check out Soapy's updated blog featuring some of the new Saxons that he's done. Damn, that boy is good! I feel like crying. They're hidden at the bottom of the page where Darren won't find em, very ingenious, Soaps. Nice horsies too.

I'll post some pics myself once I've checked that it won't get me into trouble....

That bloody spider is still up to no good in my car. I opened the rear door behind the drivers seat yesterday to move some stuff so my daughter could get in, only to find my way barred by a VERY big cobweb. It's not one of those itsy-bitsy little Money-spiders you know, it's the real deal. I'll have him.

I suppose I'd better get back to work, no point in delaying the inevitable. Just time for another cup of tea first though...

Later peeps



Bill T said...

Sculpting is like giving up smoking. You just have to keep at it and it gets easier each day.

This is the Tao of Bill. :o)

Soapy said...

Giving up is easy! I do it between fags.

Longest I've lasted is eight weeks. Cravings were gone, lungs worked, fingers went pink again and people started sitting next to me on the bus.

I realised in the end though that I actually enjoyed it, it pissed people off with very little effort on my part and, obviously, it makes you look cool! So far from falling off the wagon I threw myself to the roadside with gay abandon!

Keep fighting the urge and it'll go away. To be honest the main reason I started smoking again was because my sculpting and painting 'rituals' involved a constant supply of tobacco and by giving up my output dropped to zero. Funny thing is now that I've moved and can't smoke in the house I've had to relearn my 'rituals' anyway so maybe it's time for me to give up again?

Nah, bollocks to it.

Go get the eight legged freak.

Stay lucky,